Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints – “Just want to Hit Somebody”

November 24, 2014

Article: Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints –
“Just want to Hit Somebody”

New Orleans, LA – Any statements upholding the need for the Saints to come from under the doldrums of unrealized expectations, underachievement or continued subpar performances, please state your case.  The Saints are not sitting in the preferred “catbird seat” but none the less in striking distance of the Division-leading Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers are 3-7-1 overall and 3-5 in the NFC South.  The Panthers are in a Bye Week this week, while the Saints are 4-6 overall and 4-4 in the NFC South.

Tonight’s game is the second in a three-game stretch with the AFC North. The Saints will close out the month next Sunday with the Pittsburgh Steelers at Pittsburgh. Then return to the Dome to settle the division lead with the Panthers.  But it’s Monday night football Ravens vs. Saints.  The Ravens are at 500 on Monday Night 9-9 while the Saints are two games below 500 at 16-18 on Monday Night.  The Saints opened up very impressively with a D. Brees 11 yard pass from the Saints 20 to the Saints 31 to J. Graham.  On the ensuing play, J. Morgan goes around left end for 67 yards to the Ravens one yard line.  An Ingram fumble, Raven challenge, Saints penalty a D. Brees scramble and a fourth and one run by Ingram = No Points. The Ravens take over on their three yard line.  The Ravens proceed to put together a nine-play drive, four passes, and five runs.  These series consisted of 97 yards, one penalty, 4:11 capped off by J. Flacco’s pass short left to S. Smith for 15 yards Touchdown.
Ravens 7 – Saints 0.
The Saints and Ravens trade four and outs. But it’s the Saints with the last possession in the first quarter to capitalize five plays 85 yards, one penalty In 2:44.
Ravens 7 – Saints 7.
A scoring fracas breaks out in the second quarter. The Ravens go up by seven on a 13 yard run off right tackle by J. Forsett.
Ravens 14 – Saints 7
The next possession the Saints take 11 plays to go 78 in 5:08, ending with a S. Graham 20 yard field goal.
Ravens 14 – Saints 10
The Saints take the lead for the first time in the game with: 24 remaining on a D. Brees pass deep left to M. Colton for 26 yards. Touchdown
Ravens 14 – Saints 17
With the Ravens first possession in the third quarter the Ravens score on a 6:30 drive J. Tucker field goal from the Saints 13 yard line.
Ravens 17 – Saints 17
The Ravens complete the scoring in the quarter on a pick six when W. Hill steps in front of J. graham at the 44. Touchdown
Ravens 24 – Saints 17
The Saints go five and out while the Ravens go for four additional plays in the third and continue into the fourth, but the third quarter ends with the score
Ravens 24 – Saints 17
The fourth quarter begins as the Ravens amass a continuation of the drive that started on the Ravens 16 yard line.  At the 37 yard line, fourth and nine J. Tucker’s 55 yard field goal is good.
Ravens 27 – Saints 17

Saints counter with a ten play 64 yard drive with a S. Graham 34 yard field goal to close the gap to Ravens 27 – Saints 20

The Ravens counter again as this match goes down to the wire.  The Ravens go six plays, 80 yards.   The Ravens stretch the score on a 1st and ten at the Saints 20 yard line with  2:59 remaining on the clock,  J.Forsett goes off left tackle for 20 yards. TOUCHDOWN   J. Tucker extra point is GOOD.
Ravens 34 – Saints 20.

New Orleans Saints at 2:53 remaining in the game.
The Saints pickup six 1st downs, one by penalty, in a drive from the Saints 20 yard line down to the Ravens 2 yard line.   .44 remaining on the clock, 1st and two on the Ravens two yard line D. Brees from the shotgun passes short left to J. Graham for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN. S. Graham extra point is GOOD. 11 plays, 80 yards, 2:13 drive, 14:20 elapsed.  S. Graham extra point is GOOD.

Ozzie Newsome the GM for the Ravens in a pre-game interview with me when asked – What do you think about the game tonight?  Replied, “we are just ready to play some football and hit somebody.”  It appears that’s just what the Ravens did.
Final score:
Ravens 34 – Saints 27

Dave Washington is a former 11 year NFL veteran and an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selectee.   He is a featured writer with NNPA, Sports Writers Association, and  an Alcorn State University Graduate.    He is a Member of the famed Alcorn 18-0-1, SWAC and Black National Football Champions “Dream Team”.


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