Pelicans vs Cavilers – Fuhgeddaboudit – (Forget About It)

Photo Cred:  D’Angelo Washington (Supreme Elite Imaging) Dave Washington, Jr. What’s all the hoopla about.  Yea, the Pelicans had a few hiccups in the last game vs Houston, say they turned to ball over 23 times yielding 27 points, fuhgeddaboudit. Tonight the Pelicans face division leading Cleveland Cavaliers at 13-5. LaBron is again at the top […]

Pelicans vs. Heat- “Ethyl or Regular”

  New Orleans, LA – Back in the day, you could actually pull into a service station and the attendant would fill your car up for you. His question would be, “Do you want ethyl or regular”? Ethyl, the higher grade or the regular the lower grade regular, nobody purchased regular. Everybody wanted ethyl because […]

The NFL – Last of The Late Great Robber Barons

Jackson, MS –  Not to disparage the company where I was employed or labored for eleven of my most athletic and professionally productive years, but I’m just saying…, “show me the books”. This Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is getting a little “Re-donkcluious”, “come on Man”.  No football this fall?   What’s really going on and who […]

“Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Wolf?” (Part II)

 A Closer Look at the NFL and Brain Damage – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) By Dave Washington New Orleans, LA – On a recent trip through the many Blog sites which abound throughout cyber space, I have come across some really interesting titles with gut wrenching script.   No these are not Spielberg’s epics, or Tyler […]